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May 31, 2009


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Ow! I hope you are OK. And I hope your tetanus shots are up to date. If not, please go to the doctor right away!

The bread is beautiful. And don't let DH take the credit -- you did most of the work!

Sweet and Savory

Thanks a lot, Phyl. I am doing much better now!


Ohmigosh! A spike in the foot?! Hope you're healing up okay. On the other hand, the brioche looks fantastic!


Glad to hear you're OK. Your brioche looks lovely and tell hubby he did a great job picking up the slack after you were injured.


Great looking loaves. Hope your foot get all better soon.
Fantastic bread,


very good looking.


Isn't the best part of these breads the delicious aroma when they're baking!? I have a small apartment and it really fills the whole house!

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