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May 18, 2009


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Jenn @ Pete Eatemall

Looks so good! Love the pictures. Now on to bagels! Happy baking!


Good idea- halfsies with the add-ins. You have a beautiful kitchen, I am envious:)


Looks nice. I'll be working on this later in the week.


Looks great. Loved your photos and write up. :)


Great job! I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's finished products.


very nice, good job, I also had to add extra flour.

Sweet and Savory

Thanks AJM! It took us four years of planning and four months of construction to make our dream kitchen come true. We love cooking together in our kitchen and can't imagine living elsewhere. (The only downside of having a large kitchen is the amount of work it takes to keep it clean!)


Great pictures!!
I was amazed at how huge this loaf was (I made one giant boule- wish I'd halved the recipe)...
I also have kitchen envy!!

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