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May 10, 2009


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Loved reading through your process. Great loaves. :)


Beautiful bread! I really love how your loaves crowned!!

Phyl Divine

Great write up. And beautiful loaves! I'm glad you didn't give up. It was obviously worth the time and effort. The great thing about this challenge is that I think it will cause all of us to bake bread that we, for one reason or another, would never have tried.

Keep baking and blogging!

Sweet and Savory

You are right Phyl ~ I am one of those people that collect cookbooks primarily for reading, rarely for following the recipes (I prefer recipes found online with user reviews for some reason). We've had BBA book for a few years, and hubby, who is the baker in our home, has tried making some bread (e.g. Brioche) from this book. I, on the other hand, had not tried making any break from this book until now. It certainly helps to have the first triumph!!


These loaves look great! We learn with every bread we bake, don't we? You obviously did a great job. Thank you for the post and the photos.

Haley J.

Those are some beautifully formed loaves! Great work!


Gorgeous photos! We thought the bread was delicious too, even with plain old peanut butter and a glass of milk.

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